Friday, April 30, 2010

The Seven Week Chakra Challenge: The Bonus Round

Dear Yin Weaver,

This ends the Seven Week Chakra Challenge. To all of you, posters and non-posters alike, thank you for taking part. Many of you left very thoughtful comments regarding your experiences with different chakras. Hopefully these experiences have helped to open a new world to you and a deeper appreciation for your “energy anatomy.”

Now begins the Bonus Round! For the next seven days I'd like you to answer a couple of questions to help you integrate what you've been experiencing these past seven weeks

For starters, what have you learned? The answers may be as simple as "I learned the root chakra is associated with the color red and the quality of safety" or "there are seven main chakras." It may be more personal, such as "I learned I could really feel the energy in my solar plexus chakra" or "I learned I dreamed more when I did a chakra exercise right before going to sleep."

For seconders, how have you grown? The answers to this question will be highly personal. There are no right or wrong answers, just your answers.

For thirders, go back through the various original posts for each chakra, select the exercises you like the most. Here are the links to each one:

This week, give yourself one, big, long, luxurious (like soakin' in a hot bubble bath luxurious) chakra treatment. What did you notice? How did it feel? Were you drawn to one chakra more than the other? What feelings came up? Did any memories surface?

For fourthers, write it all down here. I would love to hear your feedback.

Last but not least, next week I will be starting a new series on another aspect of your energy anatomy--the meridians. Here’s a brief explanation of meridians:
Chinese use the term "jing luo" which means, channels, conduit, meridian etc. According to acupuncture, these are the invisible channels through which qi circulates throughout the body. The acupuncture points (or holes as the Chinese term xue is more aptly translated means) are the locations where the qi of the channels rises close to the surface of the body. There are 12 main meridians, six of which are yin and six are yang and numerous minor ones, which form a network of energy channels throughout the body.
You can read about them here, but I’d rather you come back to my blog for my next seven week series. Each week for seven weeks I’m going to write about two meridians. I am going to offer a simple challenge with each one which will teach you over the course of seven weeks how to trace ALL of your meridians in just a few minutes.


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  1. Hi Rose, I can't wait for another seven weeks of great educational lectures!!!:)

    I have learned so much about all the chakras. Throat chakra seem to be somehow working most sufficiently on me. Sometimes I hear different pinch and change of my voice. Unfortunately the amazing singing that I once experienced, did not last. I can't carry a tune anymore again. On the other hand, whenever I feel something not right in my throat, after folding my hands, it usually goes away quite quickly.
    I was happy to learn about all seven chakras, the colors, and also symptoms and self - healing possibilities.