Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's Your Crown Chakra Story? Write your autobiography here...

Dear Yin Weaver,

What's your Crown Chakra story?

Every chakra tells a story. The Crown story will likely relate to your experiences of and feelings about God, the Spirit, the Divine. 

Each day I will post a new question to get you thinking about your story. Write just a few lines here and discover your Crown Chakra Autobiography.


My story?  I read a book recently called Same Kind of Different as Me (an amazing true story about a relationship between a street person and a volunteer in a soup kitchen).  At one point in it, Ron says "All I can do is tell the jagged tale of my own spiritual journey and declare that my life has been better for having followed Christ."  I was raised Catholic but was fortunate enough to encounter Christ when I was seventeen.  It is a relationship that has challenged and transformed my life ever since.  I am still a practicing Roman Catholic, although over the years I have travelled other paths and gathered riches there, especially from the Hindu and Tantric traditions.  A Benedictine Abbot friend of mine says I have the gift of "dual-belonging" because of my ability to straddle and  integrate dual realities.

And you...?



  1. Dear Rose,

    thank you very much for posting such question.

    Since last night, I got a little perplexed...I go to church for confirmation preparation classes every Saturday night.
    Last night, we talked about how gifts within us, we either discover or not, and that there are lot of "Evil" healing techniques and methods and we have to be careful with implementing,for instance: eastern live style choices, such as yoga, martial arts,....We concluded that we should be in touch with our own conscience to make appropriate choices.

    My confusion was about doubting whether or not I, myself, am possessed by Evil....
    Within past a couple of weeks, I have discovered a gift of being able to direct negative energy out of people's body and bring the positive energy for healing in.
    I know that without divine help, I would not be able to do so, since I am more and more aware that God directs my every day steps and action, I only have to be open to His presence.

    This was not the case in my past. Even though, raised as catholic, I have never had such feeling of Him being present. I am not sure this has to do with the recent crown chakra exercise, but I know that I practice praying to Him, to direct me, which is in sense opening to accepting the spirit, divine....I also do not feel betraying Him or myself by practicing yoga poses for my physical health, or by reading east philosophy and admiring the wisdom I find in the books.

    Thank you, Jarmila

  2. There are many rivers that all flow to the sea and many paths to the same shared Divine.
    Bobbye Middendorf
    The Write Synergies Guru