Friday, April 9, 2010

The Seven Week Chakra Challenge--Keeping the Light in your Throat Chakra

Dear Yin Weaver,

Wouldn’t you know it? The week I am to write about the throat chakra I have a terrible sore throat! I just came back from the doctor. He thinks it might be strep throat. So I’m on antibiotics, Vitamins C & D, a probiotic, licorice tea, bed rest and a steady diet of Netflix instant movies. Well, they say there are no coincidences, so I suppose I better pay especially good attention to what I’m about to write today.

Since I’m not feeling well I’m going to cheat and cut and paste a short article in here about the throat chakra written by Donna Eden and her husband David Feinstein. Donna Eden has a fascinating take on the throat chakra.

Donna Eden & David Feinstein, Ph.D.

Metabolism—necessary for all life—is the unceasing transformation of matter into energy (catabolism, a yin process) and energy into matter (anabolism, a yang process). Ideally there is a harmony between catabolic and anabolic processes, a yin-yang balance.

While metabolism takes place at all levels of the body, down to events in the cells, metabolism is governed by the throat chakra.

Beyond metabolism as we usually think of it—involving physical matter such as food—information carried by a more subtle form of energy is also metabolized. This is the job of the throat chakra. Information from the other six chakras passes through the throat chakra.

Seven different truths, different kinds of information, are represented in the seven chakras. Here is how information from each chakra is metabolized at the throat chakra. It is both broken down (catabolism) so it can be assimilated, and assimilated information is built up into new syntheses (anabolism). The value of having all this occur in one place is that the truths of all 7 chakras can be incorporated into the new synthesis.

Each of the 7 chambers of the throat chakra corresponds with one of the 7 chakras.

The 3 chambers on the left side correspond with the 2nd, 4th, and 6th chakras. These are a more receptive energy, more yin. These chakras are catabolic, more involved with breaking down and assimilating information, though this is not to say that any chakra is all yin or all catabolic. Each has both yin and yang energy, but the balance of these three is more toward yin, toward catabolic action. These three chakras happen to contain more layers that spin counterclockwise (which breaks down, catabolic) than clockwise (which stabilizes, anabolic).

The 3 chambers on the right side correspond with the 1st, 3rd, and 5th chakras. These are a more active energy, more yang. These chakras are anabolic, more involved with creating new information out of information that has already been assimilated. But again, every chakra carries out both processes--it is simply that the balance of these three is more toward yang, toward anabolic action. These three chakras contain more layers that spin clockwise (anabolic) than counterclockwise.

The energy of the 7th chakra comes through the central chamber, at least during the times in our life when we are enjoying harmony among all our chakras. When this harmony does not exist, however, because new information needs to be synthesized, or because of stress or other factors, the energy of the throat chakra comes through the central chamber. It does this to give a boost to the metabolizing and harmonizing of all the chakra energies it is managing. When the throat chakra energy comes through the central chamber, the energy of the 7th chakra will move through the far right chamber.

In case all of the above is too simple, some people are more yin and others more yang, which impacts the degree of anabolic or catabolic properties you will see on each side of the throat chakra. There are also figure 8 forces and spiraling layers of energy that move and blend the energies of all the chambers together, which are the final influences on the way the throat chakra metabolizes information from the other six chakras.
Your challenge this week is to open the throat chakra using the Shankh mudra. It is said to drive away every kind of throat problem. I’m sure hoping so!

How to form the Shankh mudra: The left thumb is placed on the center of the right palm. The right hand forms a firm grip around the left thumb. The left hand rests against the right fist. Right thumb touching the left index finger.  Hold this pose in front of your sternum high enough so the tips of your fingers touch the hollow of your throat for two to three minutes.

I'll be doing this one but I'm also going to try my mom's favorite home remedy for sore grapefruit juice with raw honey.  Drop me a line and tell me your favorite home remedy. 



  1. Hi Rose,

    I hope you feel better soon. Please, let me know if you need anything!!!

    As for the remedy; I always make hot tea with lot of lemon and raw honey, eat garlic, sour kraut and sour kraut soup...also Swedish Bitters(not a home remedy, I guess?)

  2. Thanks, Jarmila, for your concern.

    Sour kraut soup! Maybe I could get my husband to make me some. His Czech mom used to make it for him all the time as a kid.

    No, I don't suppose amoxicillin is a home remedy either. :-)


  3. So sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I always think this is a good reminder: that good health is everthing, a gift that we have to take care of. Sounds like you have pulled out all the stops to create a fast recovery.
    You will be well soon. Time for a rest and healing and rebirth.

  4. Yes, Eve. And I think I'm discovering another good home remedy--free netflix movies online! Next up: Brideshead Revisited! :-)

  5. Hi Rose

    just checking on you!!!:)

    Also, I wanted to share my experience at church today.
    Before I went for a mass this morning, I practiced all the poses, cleansing and breathing.
    When it was time to sing at church, I was able to sing quite confidently two great songs during the mass. I hope my throat chakra is clearing, since never before I allowed myself to sing loudly in public, because of my "out of tune" voice????
    The rest of the mass, I was not able to sing aloud again, but I guess I'll take two songs for nothing and hope next time to have cleared my throat for longer.

    I thought of another remedy that helps when having throat problem: eucalyptus sirup

    happy movies healing, Jarmila