Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Got Hypertension? Try these two quick energy fixes

Dear Yin Weaver,

The Heart chakra is governs the heart and circulatory system.  So if you have hyper- or hypotension, you want to make sure your Heart chakra is in good shape! 

Here are two easy (I mean EZ) exercises that can help to relieve emotional stress in the heart and balance your blood pressure in whichever direction it needs to go. 

Sunrise/Sunset (time--30 seconds)

This exercise can be found in Donna Eden's award-winning book Energy Medicine for Women.  It can help stabilize blood pressure (it lowers high blood pressure and raises low blood pressure) and is generally very good for the heart.  In addition, it calms body and mind.

1.  Begin with your hands at the sides of your body, palms facing outward.  Slowly with an in-breath, circle your arms above your head, as if directing the sun to rise.

2.  With both arms now extended upward and palms facing each other, reach for the risen sun.  Stretch one arm up high toward the sun.  Imagine grabbing a rope with this hand.  Close your fist around it and pull it down, drawing the sunlight onto you.  As thi hand comes down, reach up to grab the rope with your other hand and pull it down.  Keep drawing the su, alternating hands for several more pulls.

3.  Turn your palms outward.  Release your breath slowly as you circle your arms far out to the sides and down tot he sides of your legs, as if directing the sun to set and your body to calm.

Chakra Clearing (time--3-5 minutes)

Donna describes this exercise in her other award winning book, Energy Medicine!  It's a simple method that can be used on all the chakras.  Try it over your Heart chakra this week and see what you notice.

1.  Rub your hands together vigorously and shake them off. 
2.  Spin your left hand in a counterclockwise direction over the heart chakra (note:  the clock is sitting on your heart with 9am to the right side and 3pm to the left) for about 2-3 minutes.  This helps to open and release stagnant energy from the chakra.
3.  Shake off your hands.  Rub them again vigorously and shake them off again.
4.  Spin your right hand in a clockwise direction over the heart chakra for about 1 to 1 1/2 minutes.
Stay Hearty, Yinmates!



  1. Hi Rose! I'm catching up on reading your blog (lots on my plate!). I just noticed your mention of "Sunrise/Sunset," so thought I'd share...

    I had a cool experience with this exercise a few days ago. I was at the dentist's office, and the hygienist offered to check my blood pressure. I agreed, and my BP turned out to be extremely low. (Not the first time for me.) I asked her to let me try something, and then recheck. I got out of the chair and did "Sunrise/Sunset" (except that I forgot the rope pull portion). Took very little time. She rechecked my BP, and it was up 20 points, and now in the normal range!

    "That's weird," said she. "Not really," said I. .... Later, when the dentist came in, she told him my BP had been very low, but then I did one of my energy things, and BP got up to normal... It was fun...

    peace and crumpets with tea,

  2. I just tried these 2 exercises here is what i am a skeptic!!!
    1st reading 134 - 72 2nd reading 127-67 3rd reading 135-58 4th reading 89- 58 WOW!!
    It may be a placebo effect but it works either way!!

  3. Thank you very much for the post! Feeling almost instantly better after Sunrise/Sunset exercise!

  4. "the clock is sitting on your heart with 9am to the right side and 3pm to the left)" -- Thank you for attempting to explain, but this is still confusing. Does "to the left" mean closer to the left hand of the person who is doing the exercise, or does it mean to the left as seen by somebody else who is facing the person?

    1. The clock is placed on your chest so someone looking at you can see the face. So if you are going clockwise you go towards your left.