Saturday, March 13, 2010

Keeping the Light on Saturday

Dear Yin Weavers,

I've been practicing my Alternative Nostril breathing several times a day.

What I like about it so far is the fast result I get. Within three rounds I find my breath slowing dramatically and a deeper sense of calm.

What I don't like is counting the 4/16/8 pattern as it keeps me too much in my logical left nostril, so to speak! So I've changed it and wanted to suggest it to anyone else having the same issue.

I've always been very fond of the mantra Sat Nam. It means "Be" or "I AM" or "Truth is my identity." The first two translations in particular remind me to stay in the present. It's a mantra that can be said in two words or by breaking down the syllables. So here is how I'm now doing my Alternative Nostril exercise.

Breathing in I repeat inwardly the four syllables Sa Ta Na Ma one time.
Holding my breath I repeat inwardly Sa Ta Na Ma four times.
Breathing out I repeat inwardly Sa Ta Na Ma two times

After three rounds, when I take my first ful breath, I say inwardly "Sat Nam."

How about you? What's the news?


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