Friday, June 11, 2010

The Eight Week Meridian Challenge:

Dear Yin Weaver,

What is the value of tracing your meridians? When meridians become unbalanced, they can carry too much or too little energy to the organs, and they can create emotional havoc. Tracing them smooths and evens the flow of energy throughout the meridian system.  The result is optimal health and well being.

Donna Eden says in her book Energy Medicine, "As you pass your hand over a meridian, you are aligning your hand's energies wih the meridian's energies, like the moon pulling the tide." 

But how do you trace meridians?  Easy.  Rub both hands together vigorously and then shake them off.  Use an open hand, palm facing the body.  You can touch the meridian line or stay within two inches of it.

This week let's learn how to trace the Stomach and Spleen meridians, which sit in Earth element.  Earth Element is about our foundations.  These two meridians contribute greatly to being grounded and sturdy, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  They can also contribute to being stuck and toxic.  Yuck!  Tracing these two meridians can keep you moving forward in life full of health and vitality.      
Stomach Meridian (7am to 9am), according to Touch for Health founder John Thie, takes in new new feelings, thoughts, experiences for just the way the stomach takes in new materials, sees what is available and tags it for use in other functions of the soul and body.  Sometimes, however, we don't pay attention to what we "eat," whether it be food, a feeling, a thought, and experience, or something else.  Then the Stomach meridian can be overwhelmed by elements that are poisonous to our spirits.

If you have stomach trouble, don't always assume it's because of what you eat.  Ask yourself, "What is difficult for me to swallow?  What's making me sick to my stomach figuratively?  What is it I can't stomach, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?" 

Because the energy of this meridian moves from the top of the body down and off the second toe, a balanced Stomach meridian also helps us stay well grounded.  If you need to stay more grounded, balancing this meridian can be very helpful.

To trace Stomach meridian, place both hands underneath your eyes, drop to your jawbone, circle up the outside of your face to your forehead, come down through your eyes to your collarbone, go out at your collarbone, over your breasts, in at your waist, out at your hips, straight down your legs, and off the second toes.  Repeat this affirmation while you trace it, "I have both feet on the ground; I am balanced and centered."

Spleen Meridian (9am to 11am) takes the raw "energetic materials" received by the stomach and transforms them into useable forms which are then distributed throughout the body and spirit.  When Spleen meridian is balanced, it sustains us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  It nurtures us, in a sense, like a mother.

When Spleen meridian is out of balance, we may have trouble finding the sweetness in life literally (think diabetes) and figuratively.  We may not be able to break down problems into manageable parts.  Our bodies and spirits may be working too hard to detoxify from toxins that can impact our immune system.   Exhaustion in body and mind will be the result.   

To trace Spleen meridian, start at the outside corners of each big toe and go straight up the inside of your legs, flaring out at your hips, up the outside of your rib cage, and down to the top of the rib cage.  Repeat this affirmation while you are tracing, "I nurture myself with love."

We have been racing through these meridians over the past month, and I've heard nary a peep from anyone.  Who out there has been trying to trace these meridians?  Are the directions for tracing them confusing?  Do the pictures help?  How has tracing them helped you?  What have you noticed? 

Do you know what Element you are?  Well, you'll notice I've added a survey to my blog.  Each week I'm going to ask a question, and the next week I'll let you know what Element matches each answer.  After awhile you'll start to see a pattern in your answers that might help you determine your Element. 

Yes, you can only choose one, so ask yourself what you would want to eat if if was your last meal on earth. 



  1. Hello!
    I have a question about meridians..
    I am wondering when I flush,strenghten for example lung meridian, do I do the same with opposite meridian in order to be in ballance? Thank you
    I hope you willrespond me.
    Blessings :)