Friday, June 4, 2010

The Eight Week Meridian Challenge: How to Stop a Panic Attack in Its Tracks

Dear Yin Weaver,

Panic Attacks happen suddenly. They fill a person with a sense of imminent doom, death or destruction. They usually strike when the person feels they are in a life-threatening situation from which escape is necessary. They may think they are experiencing a heart attack, or that an earthquake is about to occur, or something violent is about to happen. Situational Panic Attacks are triggered by situational stressors. These and are indicative of social and specific phobias, such as fear of heights or public speaking. Panic Attacks that appear without any specific cues are more likely to be indicative of Panic Disorder. You have Panic Disorder if you have recurrent panic attacks, and are persistently worried about future attacks, to the point you change your behavior in order to avoid having them. This can lead to Agoraphobia, the unwillingness to leave your home for fear you will have a panic attack. 

Last week I explained the Fire Element is comprised of four meridians. We dealt with the Small Intestine and Heart meridians, and how keeping them in balance can help us create a life full of heart and meaning. This week we're going to talk about the other two Fire Element meridians, Triple Warmer (yang) and Circulation/Sex (yin). Keeping them in balance can play a big role in helping you overcome panic attacks and generalized anxiety.

Circulation/Sex meridian (7pm to 9pm) sends energy to all the sexual organs. It assists many hormone-related functions, such as menstrual cycles, ovarian and uterine functions and prostate and testicular functions. It supports the ability to experience sex as pleasurable. Also known as the Pericardium meridian, it also supports the membrane sac which surrounds and protects the heart. Think of it as the meridian which helps us energetically connect sexuality with love. Finally, it is the meridian which helps keep the beat of the heart steady and appropriate, depending on the external and internal environments. The emotional polarity of this meridian is panic versus joy. When this meridian is balanced, our hearts are able to "leap with joy" appropriately. But when it is out of balance, our hearts may be racing with panic instead.

To trace this meridian, place the fingers of one hand a the outside of the opposite nipple, come up over the shoulder, go down inside the arm and off the middle finger. Do both sides while repeating the affirmation, "My heart leaps with joy."

Triple Warmer (9pm to 11pm) is so named because it is the overseer of the "three burners." The upper burner refers to the upper part of the body and includes the heart, lung and pericardium. The middle burner refers to the midsection of the body and includes the Spleen, Stomach, Gall Bladder and Liver organs. The lower burner refers to the lower section of the body and includes the Small and Large Intestines, the Kidneys and the Urinary Bladder. In essence, Triple Warmer is concerned with threats to the homeostasis of the system. It's primary goal is to maintain balance and create an environment wherein you are safe. It doesn't matter if the stress is external or internal, real or imagined. If Triple Warmer perceives a threat it goes into action. Whenever you experience the famous "fight or flight response," Triple Warmer is the meridian that goes into action, conscripting energy from other meridians to give you the edge you need to either stand and fight, or turn and run.

To trace this meridian, turn your hand over and starting at the ring finger, trace straight up the arm to beneath your ear, follow your ear around and behind, ending at your temple. Do both sides while repeating the affirmation, "I honor the warrior within. I am safe."

Tracing these meridians on a daily basis will restore energetic balance to them, which can help reduce the intensity, frequency and duration of a panic attack.  However, when you are in the middle of a panic attack, I can gaurantee you both of these energies will have too much energy.  Tracing them during an attack won't harm you, but it won't help you either.  You need to find a way to open the tap so the excess energy can drain away.  What do you do?  Simple!  Trace them backwards, a technique otherwise known as "flushing." 

There are other techniques to help quench the fires of Triple Warmer and Circulation Sex.  Stay tuned this week for additional methods for releasing excess energy from this Dynamic Duo.


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