Friday, June 18, 2010

The Eight Week Meridian Challenge: Let Go and Get Inspired!

Dear Yin Weaver,

Congratulations!  You are about to complete the Eight Week Meridian Challenge.  Hopefully you have taught yourself to trace them, and have found your life to be more confident, purposeful, passionate and nurturing.  Today you will learn to trace the Metal element meridians Large Intestine and Lung.  When these two meridians are balanced, you are able to let go of the past gracefully and live with a spirit of inspiration. 

Large Intestine Meridian (5am-7pm):  A common problem in the large intestine are constipation.  We all know how uncomfortable that can make us feel physically.  But ask yourself what you may be holding onto that is toxic not only literally, but figuratively.  That also can lead to being very uncomfortable emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

Here are some examples of an unbalanced Large Intestine meridian.  We may find it hard to let go of past grudges, losses.  We may stuff our painful emotions and memories.  Our lives may be cluttered with unnecessary "things" to which we are too emotionally attached.  Unbalanced energy in this meridian can affect our ability to reach our goals.  Have the fruits of our labors spoiled?  Or have the good things we've tried to accomplish become rotten?  Balance this meridian and you will be able to live more effectively in the present, fueled with energy to step into your future. 

To trace this meridian place the open fingers of one hand at the end of thee pointer finger of the opposite hand, trace straight up the arm to your shoulder, cross the neck to beneath your nose, and go out to the flare of your nose.  Do both sides will repeating the words, "I let go of guilt, shame and fear.  I live fully in the NOW!" 

Lung Meridian (3am-5am):  We can live without water and food for a week or two.  But we will die within minutes without air.  What would happen, also, if our lungs did not purify the air we breath?  We could get sick with a whole host of ailments, such as asthma, bronchitis and cancer.  Without air we couldn't express our thoughts or feelings either, which means healthy lungs are crucial to our emotional and creative lives as well. 

Similarly, our Lung meridian draws chi--what I like to call "the air within the air"--into our souls, and releases stagnant chi from our souls.  Without this vital function, we would be lacking inspiration, and the capacity for deep, soulful expression.  Purity of mind and heart would elude us, as well.   

Place one hand over the opposite lung and move it up over your shoulder, straight down your arm, and off your thumb.  Do both sides will repeating the words, "I breathe in fresh chi and inspiration.  I breathe out stale chi and grief." 

I mentioned in another post that the best way to trace your meridians is to trace all fourteen of them in order of their time of greatest influence.  Always start by tracing Central and then Governing meridian.  Then move to the meridian that is active at the time of day you are tracing it.  So, for instance, if you are tracing your meridians at 6 am, you would trace Large Intestine Meridian.  Below, for your convenience, is a list of all twelve organ meridians (remember, Central and Governing don't have a specific "time" during which they operate; they are always "on"), starting with Kidney. 

Kidney                 5pm to7pm
Circulation/Sex     7pm to 9pm
Triple Warmer      9pm to11pm
Gall Bladder        11pm to 1am
Liver                     1am to 3am
Lung                      3am to 5am
Large Intestine       5am to 7am
Stomach                7am to 9am
Spleen                   9am to11am
Heart                   11am to 1pm
Small Intestine        3pm to 5p

If you don't remember how to trace them, just refer to my posts starting May 7th. 
And now for the moment you've been waiting for.  What do the answers to my poll mean?  Well I'm not going to tell you!  At least, not in this post.  Honestly, as much as I like to write, I realize reading material like this can be a little deadly, and if you've gotten this far, should be darn proud! 

So I'm going to sign off now and then do another short blog on the poll, which will introduce the next Eden Project series.  Stay tuned.  And leave me a message, why dontcha?



  1. hello,

    I know you can't say anything conclusive without seeing someone but I am wondering if you have heard if tracing lung meridian forward would be contraindicated in lung cancer?
    the person with lung cancer is a friend of mine who lives incredibly remotely and cannot travel to see anyone for an assessment. I'm nervous to suggest anything to her but she really wants to do alternative things to help herself.

  2. This is absolutely fabulous, dearest Rose. I thank you so much! You have become invaluable to my self study in EM! Much gratitude!
    Nidhu, India