Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Seven Day Blog Challenge

Dear Yin Weaver,

I'm in Day 6 of the Seven Day Blog Challenge sponsored by Connie Ragen Green.  I don't know exactly what I hope to accomplish beyond the act of pushing myself to blog daily--sometimes twice daily--and twitter the results. 

Today is Sunday.  Last night John and I bid on a rain barrel and got it at a silent auction for The Children's School in Berwyn!  We were thrilled.  It was hand-painted by the fifth graders with peace symbols and "save the earth" slogans.  Just the sort of touch our backyard will enjoy.  I also picked up some gorgeous, hand-painted garden stakes which will need a little shellacking if they're going to last more than a season. 

The Children's School is a progressive education school, and if I could attend a school like that it would be one of the very few reasons I'd be willing to do my life over again.  Small, child-centered, reflective classes that are project-driven.  It sounds like so much fun! 

One of the main purposes of the benefit last night was to raise $10K for my friend Mary Dye, who is going to be the artist in residence there next year.  She's is a wonderful potter.  If you google her name you'll see it associated with different sites, but she doesn't have her own.  She'll be at the Forest Park Summer Arts Festival, I'm sure, and a fall sale out of her studio later on.  You should check her out.

OK, I've accomplished my goal!  Off to church now. 


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