Friday, May 28, 2010

The Eight Week Meridian Challenge: Do You Have Trouble Making Decisions?

Dear  Yin Weaver,

What are you doing today? 

I had a woman come to see me recently because she was couldn’t make up her mind about what to do today, or any day.  Every morning she would wake up, her mind ablaze with ideas.  Should she garden?  Should she paint?  Should she study history?  Should she read her book club novel?  Should she organize the pantry?  Should she practice yoga?  The list of possibilities seemed almost endless to her, and each one was so compelling, she felt pulled in a million directions.  What to do?  What to do? 

To start, I explained to her the belief we can multitask is a myth.  It is true the brain is able to switch its focus of attention at lightning speed.  But when it gets right down to it, we can only attend to one thing at a time.

Secondly, I told her not being able to choose suggested an imbalance in two of her four Fire Element meridians.  These two are the yang Small Intestine meridian and its yin counterpart, the Heart meridian.    

Small Intestine meridian governs the snake-y, 23 foot long part of your digestive system responsible for absorbing nutrition from your food and separating the waste material to be sent along to the large intestine.  This same discernment process happens on the Soul level as well.  Small Intestine meridian, when balanced, helps you to assimilate and make use of influences, subtle and not so, which you experience from within (dreams, fantasies, imagination, creative ideas) and without (the laundry list of daily experiences which demand moment by moment attention and response).  It also helps you to let go of distractions from what your Soul recognizes as nurturing and important.  The result can be a clear sense of purpose and creative output of energy towards accomplishing that purpose.  Unbalanced, these influences feel like energetic assaults on your awareness, leaving you with a bad case of situational-onset Attention Deficit Disorder.  What’s that saying?  The faster I run, the behinder I get.  Tracing Small Intestine meridian can help you pace yourself, and run your particular race with greater effectiveness.

Small Intestine Meridian (1pm to 3pm):  Starting at the little finger, go straight up the outside of the arm to your shoulder, drop back on your scapula, go over to your cheekbone, and back to the opening of your ear.  Do both sides while repeating the affirmation, “I know what I want and I am decisive!” 

We usually associate the heart with love, along with its sundry pitfalls and dangers.  So it’s no surprise that the Heart Meridian not only supports energy to the physical heart, but also reflects the energies of heartache and heartbreak, as well as love for ourselves and others.  However, when your heart is settled in regard to self and others, it can also turn its attention to considering what has “heart and meaning.”  The heart is your other brain, in fact, absorbed with important, value-centered questions.   Who matters to me?  What matters to me?  What do I care about?  How do I show that concern?  What am I passionate about?  For what do I have enthusiasm?  Where do I want to put my energy?  Strengthening our heart energy by tracing this meridian can help illuminate these questions for us. 

Heart Meridian (1am to 1pm):  Place your open hand underneath the opposite armpit in alignment with your little finger and trace straight down inside the arm and off the little finger.  Do both sides while repeating the affirmation “I love myself deeply and completely.”

Together, the Small Intestine and Heart meridians work in concert to help you discern, decide and focus  on what has heart and meaning while letting go of what feels empty and meaningless.  I had my client trace these two meridians several times a day every day for a week.  She was amazed by what a difference it made.   She felt calm, focused and able to make choices on a daily basis that felt supportive and purposeful.  I hope this simple exercise will do the same for you. 


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