Friday, May 14, 2010

The Eight Week Meridian Challenge: Two Tips for Greater Hope & Courage

Dear Yin Weaver,

There are two basic facts I want you to understand today about the 12 organ meridians.  One, each meridian has a two hour period during which they are most active.  Two, every meridian is associated with one of five Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal), and each Element "houses" two to four meridians, half of which are Yin meridians and half of which are Yang meridians.

Here's a third point I think you'll find interesting.  The Yin (or feminine) meridians support organs or systems that are constantly at work in the body.  They are Kidney, Liver, Heart, Pericardium (or Circulation/Sex), Spleen and Lung.  The Yang (or masculine) meridians support organs that tend to work in bursts, then go back to the couch, pop a fresh beer and watch the rest of the football game.  They are Bladder, Gall Bladder, Small Intestine, Triple Warmer, Stomach and Large Intestine. 

I mean, really, is there no justice in the world? 

Today you're going to learn how to trace the Water Element meridians, Bladder and Kidney.  (By the way the directions below are straight from Donna Eden's award winning book, Energy Medicine.)  All the meridian pictures are taken from Acuxo.     

John Thie, founder of Touch for Health, points out in his book that the Bladder meridian is said to be the storehouse of emotions. When our physical bladders are full, their function is to empty excess waste. Bladder meridian, when balanced, also helps us to release excess emotion. When we aren't able to do that, sometimes the "backlog" of emotion can become so overwhelming it can lead to a state of despair. When balanced, it can flood our soul with hope.

Kidney energy, when balanced, helps us to manage effectively the "watery" aspects of life--emotions, mystery and spirit. If our Kidney energy is weak, we won't have the energy to move forward in life with the courage needed to master our emotions, live with mystery and grow our spirits' full potential. If you have trouble with depression or anxiety, strengthening these two meridians may be very helpful for you.

Bladder Meridian is most active between 3pm to 5pm.  To trace Bladder meridian, place both hands between your eyebrows, go up over the crown and down the back of your head and neck. Remove your hands from your neck, reach them back underneath your arms and as high as you can stretch onto your spine.  Trace your hands down either side of your spine to below the waist, jog in and up toward the waist, and then in and around your gluteus maximus.  Leave the meridian there and come up onto your shoulders, go straight down the back of your knees, in at the knees, down to the floor, and off your little toes. 

As you trace Bladder meridian, repeat this affirmation specifically designed to nurture Bladder energy:  "I am vital, hopeful and fully alive!" 

Kidney Meridian is most active between 5pm to 7pm.  To trace Kidney, place your fingers under the ball of each foot, middle finger in line with the space between your first and second toes.  Draw your fingers up to the inside of each foot, circle behind the inside of each ankle bone, and go up the inside of the legs and the front of the body to K27, the points beneath the clavicle at the top of the sternum.

As you trace this meridian, repeat this affirmation designed to nurture Kidney energy:  "I walk forward with courage." 

So now you have four meridians to trace this week!  Once you've learned all fourteen, I will tell you a particular order in which to trace them.  But for now, start by tracing Central and Governing meridian.  I don't think I gave you the affirmations for them last week.  Central's affirmation is "I am centered in spirit and truth."  Governing's affirmation is "I am grounded in gratitude and grace.  Then trace Bladder and Kidney meridians.

Happy tracing!



  1. Hi Rose,

    thank you for the tracing road. Is it more desirable to trace the meridians during the 2 hour time they are active, or any is time good?
    Also will you,please, mention what time are the governing and central meridians active? Thank you,J.

  2. Hi Jarmila,

    Yes, tracing the meridians during their two hour period of activity can be a real "pick me up!" Try it and see. Tell me what you think.


  3. Thanks for sharing this, Rose 🌹