Friday, August 6, 2010

Introducing Relevant Rodeo, or What I Am Weaving Today

Dear Yin Weaver,

If you are a Facebook Fan of mine, you know I promised you a surprise in this week’s blog, and here it is: I’m not going to blog about Energy Medicine energy any more (except as it naturally weaves into my new theme). In fact, allow me to let the rest of the cat out of the bag. The Eden Project was actually a practicum project I took on to help me fulfill the requirements for my Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner training. I fulfilled the requirements at the end of July. God willing and the creek don’t rise, I will be awarded my certificate sometime in September 2010. I will post the summary paper (The Eden Project: Adventures in Social Networking) I wrote describing what I learned about leaving my digital footprint on the ether-world in a few weeks, once I'm done with the editing and it's final acceptance.

When I left on vacation, I made sure to have enough back-up blogs written to keep me current until my return. I had also left with the promise I would continue writing about Energy Medicine when I got back, specifically, the Five Elements. However, to be honest, I was very ambivalent about that promise. It was not because I had grown tired of writing about the topic. It was because I was also ready to take on another writing challenge (I joined a writer’s group that meets every three weeks and will go for six months. Each person in the group has a writing project. Mine is to resurrect an old dream of mine to write my spiritual autobiography), and felt I had just about stretched the rubber band as far as it was going to go without snapping.

But I’m not ready to give up on blogging yet. So I’ve decided to morph the blog into something new, something that reflects another side of me and my life: my journey of faith. I expect it to be more like a journal, reflecting my experience of being a Christian with new age proclivities and other talents which alienate me from some and endear me to others, and how I go about living with the tension of all that.  I hope it will also be a way for me to work on parts of my book.

The name will change from its current one to Relevant Rodeo (you’ll have to read the first blog to see why). I hope you’ll still find it of some interest (or maybe more) and will continue to share your thoughts and experiences as I share mine.


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