Friday, July 16, 2010

Energy Tools for Self Honesty

Dear Yin Weaver,

Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite people, Kealah Parkinson.  She is guest-blogging for me during my absence on the topic of energy medicine and the role it has played in her journey of self awareness.  You can contact Kealah at for more information on her work as a Communications Coach. 


Energy Tools for Self Honesty

Energy healing is amazing. If you're reading this blog, you may very well already agree with that statement. But did you realize that you can use tools for energy healing to improve the way you SPEAK? By simply becoming more self-aware as you either practice or receive energy medicine, you can do exactly that.

As a Communications Coach, I recommend to my clients something I call The 3 Keys of Communication©. They are:

(1) Self-Honesty

(2) Relational Honesty

(3) Universal Honesty.

Energy medicine can help you achieve each one of these. And, by the way, I know this, because I've tried it, myself!

During my first experience with energy medicine, I was in my early 20s and relatively new to Chicago. I had a small-town, wide-eyed wonder about a lot of life then. And when some of my colleagues recommended a holistic clinic where I could energetically detox, I had a hard time taking them seriously. But curiosity won out, and I wound up meeting a very professional healer—named Rose Mattax—whose demeanor put me at ease. When she recommended a variety of floral essences for me, I made sure to do my own research on the subject before I took even one drop! ... But after I began to use the essences as Rose had suggested, I was impressed with how well they worked: Golden Ear Drops, for example, gave me some very vivid dreams that helped me to make peace with some childhood issues that no longer served my life.

The more I began to use the various energy tools Rose offered me, the more improvements I began to see in my outlook on life. And, of course, the more self-aware and self-honest I was, the more I was able to be honest with others in my world; the more, you might say, I could speak my personal truth.

Today, I make sure to visit Rose at least once a month and receive Reiki—which I like to describe as "energy massage." It's like my very own spa day! I also employ a lot of other tools (Emotional Freedom Technique, Yoga, prayer, meditation and Eden Energy Medicine) as needed at home.

Are you waiting to explore new paths to self-awareness? Do you feel like you just can't say what you mean when you want to say it? Consider the tools of energy medicine as a way that you can speak YOUR truth and communicate more clearly today.

BIO: Kealah (KEE-la) Parkinson is a Communications Coach based in the Greater Chicagoland area. She is an expert at and also blogs regularly about communication and vocabulary at Her e-workbook, "Speak Your Truth: How to Say What You Mean to Get What You Want," is available online at

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